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From Puppies to Pioneers

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Posted on Saturday January 14 2012 - 08:46:05

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»Moreauville, LA repeals breed ban; Implements state law
After a dramatic couple of weeks, the Moreauville, LA, board voted, on December 1st, to unanimously ...
»Salina, Kansas, family fights for their dogs
A single working mother in Salina, Kansas, is in trouble with the city after her two dogs got escape ...
»Moreauville, LA, update: Officials pledge to suspend enforcement of ban
When the small town of Moreauville, LA, enacted a breed discriminatory law targeting “pit bull ...
»OH: Wauseon moves to delete vicious label on ‘pit bulls’
Published: Sunday, 11/23/2014 - Updated: 19 seconds ago FULTON COUNTY Wauseon moves to delete vi ...
»Moreauville, LA, passes breed ban: Demands all current dogs be removed
On October 13th the small town of Moreauville, Louisiana, passed a ban on pit bull type dogs and Rot ...

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